Beckie joined the team in 2012 and was based in the Big Bears Room. Beckie has achieved a BA (hons) in Early Childhood Studies at Chester University and has trained as a Health Care Play Specialist at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Beckie moved into Bear Cubs where she was appointed Room Leader but has since moved back into Big Bears where she is now Room Leader and has a group of key children.

Keyworker Letter

My name is Beckie and I live in Runcorn with my husband Mike and Princess the cat! I have a step daughter called Amber who is nine and comes to visit every weekend.  I have been working at Sandy Bears for 4 years and have worked my way up to be the leader of the twos in the Big Bears room.

I love my new role focusing on the two year olds as I get to see children’s development as they progress in their next stages of development. Every day is different and all the staff have great ideas and new activities to make the day fun and exciting! I really enjoy getting to know the children and their families and feel that I have a good relationship with not just my key children but to all the children in Big Bears.

One of my interests is speech development which is vital at this age as this is where they develop their means of communication. I have undertaken a Makaton course which is a method of signing alongside learning speech. Makaton is to aid speech to allow the child to communicate whilst learning how to say new words. The children in Big Bears are exposed to Makaton at meal times, song time and throughout the day. I have found this, alongside speech to be a very beneficial way of communicating and releases some frustration some children may have if they are not able to express their needs and wants verbally.

Another passion I have is introducing children the natural world instead of using plastic resources I think it is really important for children to use natural objects for their learning and development encouraging children to gain experiences of real-life. We often take advantage of using the nearby woodland area to enhance our knowledge of the world and to collect different items for our play.

It is important when your child starts in the Big Bears room that we understand your child’s likes and dislikes and know their routine to make their transition as smooth as possible.

I love meeting new families and I look forward to welcoming your child to the Big Bears family.

Beckie x


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