Why Parents Choose Us

At Sandy Bears Nursery & Pre school we are a home from home Nursery. We offer any support and guidance to parents we possibly can offer. Laura Yates (Manager and Owner) makes herself available for parents to contact her outside of work hours either by text message, phone call, email or social media. 


Based on the main high street of the beautiful rural village of Tattenhall, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a healthy and magical place for children to learn and grow. We have a park around the corner, a woodland area next to a church with fields and streams and a cricket pitch field to provide a world of possibilities which enables us to turn every day into a new and exciting opportunity for exploration, discovery and adventure. We are also lucky to have our own outdoor space with lots of wildlife and space where children can grow their own fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers!

At Sandy Bears there is no such thing as bad weather. Windy days, rainy days, sunny days and snowy days all bring their own opportunities for splashing, jumping, building, digging, sliding, hunting, climbing, searching experimenting, exploring, laughing and learning.

Nature plays huge role in the day to day activities we plan for our children. Learning first hand about animals and plants and seeing how the seasons effect the changes to the plants and its wildlife. We have our very own 2 pet rabbits at Sandy Bears which teaches a fascination and an appreciation for wildlife and the world around us. Touching, smelling, feeling and being close to nature helps to build a love of the outdoors.

The cricket pitch and woodland area provides opportunities to run and climb, build dens and encourage children to take risks which are carefully supervised of course.

We also use the park as an aid to deliver the educational curriculum within the nursery. It’s much more fun to find and count worms or purple flowers than it is bricks and blocks. Our outdoor area is a great place for bug hunts; searching under pots and digging in the soil!



We are committed to providing a home from home environment at Sandy Bears where staff love and care for the children as they would be at home by their own parents. We provide the very best care and education to all of our children and we cannot do that without having the highest quality of staff with years of experience caring for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. All of our staff feel passionately that your child’s time with us should be magical and productive and safe. They understand the important role they play in each child’s formative years and work hard to ensure each child is happy, safe and cared for.

We believe that having the correct mix of younger and older staff is key to providing the highest level care. We believe the maturity and experience of our team means that parents feel confident they can leave their child with us knowing that they are in the safest of hands and receiving the best possible care.


Key Workers

At Sandy Bears each member of our team is responsible for their own small group of children through our key worker system. We encourage children to choose their own key worker by monitoring the person they are most naturally comfortable with . Each key worker builds a close relationship with each of their key children and is responsible for tracking and monitoring and planning each individual child’s development on a daily and weekly basis.

The key workers are also the main contact with the parents of their key children. Parents will get to know their child’s key worker and build a relationship where not only do we provide information about their child’s day but we work with you to co-ordinate activities between home and nursery.

We have a fantastic team of passionate and dedicated professionals who understand that a child is the most important person in the world and only the very best, safest and happiest care and environment will do.

At Sandy Bears we follow the EYFS Framework and ensure each area of learning is being educated to children each and every day. We ensure our activities are different and exciting which entices the children to go home and repeat this activity at home with their parents or siblings. Staff makes observations of individual children’s interests and needs and from these they state what the childs next steps will be and how they plan to achieve these. Typically a weekly plan is created covering all areas of learning as per the EYFS. This may have a theme taken from noted children’s interests and/or seasonal/cultural festivals. Daily meetings are held with key workers and parents are also involved in their development to also include easily obtainable ‘Next Steps’ of individual children. Key workers also track each of their key childrens development on a ‘tracking sheet’ this helps them determine if a child needs further support in a certain area of learning and encourage further learning opportunities.

Key workers must also carry out the 2 year checks for children turning 2 and these should be sent to the childs health visitor to enable links with other professionals.

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